Infection risk in cable cars and other enclosed spaces

Lunati, I, Mucignat, C. Infection risk in cable cars and other enclosed spaces. Indoor Air. 2022; 32:e13094. doi: 10.1111/ina.13094


ProCap Low-Speed Flow Probe: Ideal for HVAC and Clean-Room Applications

ProCap now comes with a three component ultrasound flow probe. With that you can also measure flow velocities in the range of 1 m/s and below. Moreover, additional quantities like speed of sound, local temperature and humidity can be obtained at the same time. This makes it ideal for HVAC applications, passenger comfort studies in trains, clean-room flows and others.

ProCap in Cableway Cabins

3D Flow Field Measurement System on Cable Cars

Who would have thought that the ventilation of cable car cabins would suddenly become important? We put ProCap through its paces with collecting 3D flow data in broad daylight in a moving cable car. And were amazed at how easy it was. Thanks to Dr. Ivan Lunati from EMPA for giving us the opportunity!

Here the press release by EMPA on this joint work. The cooperation led to a publication in scientific journal you can find HERE.